November 9th, 2007

Citizen Jayne 9:30 pm at Jr's in Hoover, ALdiscuss
LiMBO 10:00 pm at Crossroads in Huntsville, ALdiscuss
Chiodos 6:30 pm at Village in Little Rock, ARdiscuss
Iota 8:00 pm at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, AZdiscuss
Erin Lizardo 8:00 pm at Cafe Flo in Chico, CAdiscuss
Earlimart 8:00 pm at Club Fred in Fresno, CAdiscuss
Pigeon John 8:00 pm at Exit in Fresno, CAdiscuss
of Montreal 7:00 pm at Avalon in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
DJ Quickie Mart 10:00 pm at Mint in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
HOOKAH STEW 9:00 pm at Divided Sky in Myers, CAdiscuss
Heavy Trash 8:00 pm at Casbah in San Diego, CAdiscuss
PowerSolo 8:00 pm at Casbah in San Diego, CAdiscuss
FLOBOTS 10:00 pm at Fat City in San Francisco, CAdiscuss
bridges 8:00 pm at Gingerbread in San Jose, CAdiscuss
Eric Dorn 5:00 pm at D Note in Arvada, COdiscuss
Rakim 8:00 pm at Belly Up in Aspen, COdiscuss
Madelyn 11:00 pm at D'Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, FLdiscuss
mc chris 8:00 pm at AKA Lounge in Orlando, FLdiscuss
The Stills 8:00 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
win win Winter! 8:00 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
WormsLoew 10:00 pm at Tasty World in Athens, GAdiscuss
The Emotron 8:00 pm at Venue in Dalton, GAdiscuss
Jettison 1:00 pm at 7 Venue in Douglasville, GAdiscuss
David Zollo 9:00 pm at Westown Pub in Ames, IAdiscuss
Canadian Rifle 8:00 pm at Mutiny in Chicago, ILdiscuss
tera melos 7:30 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Foxy Shazam! 8:00 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Braincage 9:00 pm at Stage 83 in Lemont, ILdiscuss
La Dispute 8:00 pm at Lifehouse in Marshall, ILdiscuss
Afroman 8:00 pm at Colosseum in Mokena, ILdiscuss
War Saw 6:00 pm at Soundlab in Mokena, ILdiscuss
JammSammich 9:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
56 Hope Road 9:00 pm at Martinis in Peoria, ILdiscuss
Nick Boettcher 8:30 pm at Po Boy's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
Living Blue 8:00 pm at Canopy Club in Urbana, ILdiscuss
Hello Dave 10:00 pm at Duck Inn in Evansville, INdiscuss
The Lacks 7:00 pm at Gear in Franklin, INdiscuss
The End 8:00 pm at Vogue in Indianapolis, INdiscuss
Tori Amos 8:00 pm at Lied Center in Lawrence, KSdiscuss
Choptop 7:00 pm at Darkroom in Baton Rouge, LAdiscuss
BlameShift 9:00 pm at Bar in Metairie, LAdiscuss
BlameShift 3:00 pm at MVC in Westwego, LAdiscuss
Kyle Spark 9:00 pm at Wave in Marion, MAdiscuss
Cerilia 8:00 pm at Five One in Grand Rapids, MIdiscuss
MARAZENE 5:00 pm at Token Lounge in Westland, MIdiscuss
AFILIO 6:30 pm at Upper Room in Virginia, MNdiscuss
Cartel 8:00 pm at Foundry in Joplin, MOdiscuss
Dope 8:00 pm at Jester's Pub in Fayetteville, NCdiscuss
Judd Hoos 9:00 pm at Red Zone in Chadron, NEdiscuss
Nick Motil 10:00 pm at Cunningham's in Kearney, NEdiscuss
Tech N9ne 7:00 pm at Club Roxbury in Omaha, NEdiscuss
The VETTES 10:00 pm at Shea Riley's in Omaha, NEdiscuss
ZO2 10:00 pm at Murphy's Third Rail in Dover, NJdiscuss
Say When 8:00 pm at Green Room in Reno, NVdiscuss
Bob Schneider 8:00 pm at Nugget in Sparks, NVdiscuss
iAPESHIT! 8:00 pm at Charleston in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Mink 7:00 pm at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Mink 7:30 pm at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
speaker(FIRE) 9:00 pm at Merlin's in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
mobius band 8:00 pm at Haunt in Ithaca, NYdiscuss
Bump 11:30 pm at Lion's Den in New York, NYdiscuss
Electric Six 8:00 pm at Basement in Columbus, OHdiscuss
Kinetix 8:00 pm at Kenyon College in Gambier, OHdiscuss
Zug Izland 8:00 pm at Club Bijou in Toledo, OHdiscuss
Travis Kidd 10:00 pm at Dirty's Tavern in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
shook ones 8:00 pm at Pink Eye in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Speaker Speaker 8:00 pm at Dunes in Portland, ORdiscuss
Moros Eros 8:00 pm at Satyricon in Portland, ORdiscuss
Chris Despo 8:30 pm at Quotations in Media, PAdiscuss
ADEMA 8:00 pm at Cellblock in Williamsport, PAdiscuss
VAZ 8:00 pm at Living Room in Providence, RIdiscuss
Wookiefoot 9:00 pm at Nutty's in Sioux Falls, SDdiscuss
MENEGUAR 8:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Gunshy 8:00 pm at Red 7 in Austin, TXdiscuss
Sarah Jaffe 6:00 pm at Stubb's in Austin, TXdiscuss
A Day To Remember 6:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Bayside 6:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Driver Side Impact 7:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Jon Magill 9:00 pm at Post Time in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Storyhill 6:00 pm at Fischer Hall in Fischer, TXdiscuss
Deaf Angel 9:00 pm at Aardvark in Fort Worth, TXdiscuss
Monotonix 8:00 pm at Proletariat in Houston, TXdiscuss
VANNA 6:30 pm at NorVa in Norfolk, VAdiscuss
blessthefall 7:00 pm at NorVa in Norfolk, VAdiscuss
Galactic 8:00 pm at Toad's Place in Richmond, VAdiscuss
That 1 Guy 10:00 pm at Jammin Java in Vienna, VAdiscuss
FROM APHONY 7:00 pm at Noisebox in Camas, WAdiscuss
HILLSTOMP 9:30 pm at Bit Saloon in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Devin the Dude 8:00 pm at Showbox in Seattle, WAdiscuss
PRONG 8:00 pm at Studio Seven in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Woodbox Gang 10:00 pm at V Club in Huntington, WVdiscuss