November 23rd, 2007

9spine 10:00 pm at Rainbow Bar in Kenai, AKdiscuss
The Kenzos 11:30 pm at Stardust Club in Downey, CAdiscuss
DI 8:00 pm at EchoPlex in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
TSOL 8:30 pm at EchoPlex in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
Pigeon John 9:00 pm at Casbah in San Diego, CAdiscuss
Nate Moore 8:00 pm at LIFEspot in Centennial, COdiscuss
raleigh 9:00 pm at Lion's Lair in Denver, COdiscuss
State Bird 10:00 pm at Renovare Cafe in Dover, DEdiscuss
tera melos 6:00 pm at Studio A in Miami, FLdiscuss
Foxy Shazam! 7:00 pm at Studio A in Miami, FLdiscuss
Electric Six 8:00 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Sundowner 6:30 pm at Orpheum in Tampa, FLdiscuss
Chuck Ragan 8:00 pm at Orpheum in Tampa, FLdiscuss
That 1 Guy 9:00 pm at Tasty World in Athens, GAdiscuss
Mudcat 10:00 pm at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
WormsLoew 10:00 pm at Red Eye Tavern in Macon, GAdiscuss
Listen 2 Three 10:00 pm at Augie's in Pooler, GAdiscuss
Whole Wheat Bread 6:00 pm at Venue in Boise, IDdiscuss
Rochness Monster 10:00 pm at SOP's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
Academy Is... 7:00 pm at Pop's in Sauget, ILdiscuss
Armor for Sleep 7:00 pm at Pop's in Sauget, ILdiscuss
Rocket Summer 7:00 pm at Pop's in Sauget, ILdiscuss
Sherwood 7:00 pm at Pop's in Sauget, ILdiscuss
DinyourA 8:00 pm at Chrome in Springfield, ILdiscuss
The blakes 8:00 pm at Great Scott in Allston, MAdiscuss
Gully 9:00 pm at Space Gallery in Portland, MEdiscuss
RECON 5:00 pm at East Of Averill in Flint, MIdiscuss
Uprising 6:00 pm at Static Age Cafe in Romeo, MIdiscuss
Jakes Leg 8:00 pm at Pageant in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Maritime 8:00 pm at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NCdiscuss
Simplified 8:00 pm at Whiskey in Wilmington, NCdiscuss
Article A 9:00 pm at Dexter's in Butler, NJdiscuss
The Characters 10:00 pm at Café 34 in Matawan, NJdiscuss
Earl Greyhound 8:00 pm at Pearl in Las Vegas, NVdiscuss
Buster Blue 9:30 pm at Green Room in Reno, NVdiscuss
Reno Jazz Syndicate 8:00 pm at N210 in Reno, NVdiscuss
redline 10:45 pm at Jackie Reilly's in Bethpage, NYdiscuss
Last Call 10:00 pm at Baggot Inn in New York, NYdiscuss
Kiss Kiss 6:00 pm at Nyack Center in Nyack, NYdiscuss
AIDS Wolf 8:00 pm at Satyricon in Portland, ORdiscuss
advisory 9:00 pm at Slabtown in Portland, ORdiscuss
People of Earth 9:30 pm at Docksider in Erie, PAdiscuss
Dope 8:00 pm at Ace's Lounge in Johnstown, PAdiscuss
Deer Tick 8:00 pm at AS220 in Providence, RIdiscuss
Funkatronic 7:00 pm at Nat Porter in Warren, RIdiscuss
The Confession 8:00 pm at Plex in Charleston, SCdiscuss
Judd Hoos 9:00 pm at Pump in Milbank, SDdiscuss
Fishbone 8:00 pm at Nutty's in Sioux Falls, SDdiscuss
Bob Schneider 8:00 pm at Antone's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Furs 10:00 pm at Brewskis in Ogden, UTdiscuss
TENET 9:00 pm at Snow Barn in Mount Snow, VTdiscuss
HILLSTOMP 8:00 pm at Triple Door in Seattle, WAdiscuss
ENDITY 9:00 pm at Back Bar in Janesville, WIdiscuss
Plexi 3 9:00 pm at Bat Cave in Manitowoc, WIdiscuss
No Pride 5:00 pm at Rave in Milwaukee, WIdiscuss