January 5th, 2008

9spine 10:00 pm at Peanut Fram in Anchorage, AKdiscuss
remy lebeau 6:00 pm at YMCA in Mobile, ALdiscuss
Caddle 9:00 pm at Pub 261 in Pelham, ALdiscuss
DEHUMANIZER 6:00 pm at Cell Block in Mesa, AZdiscuss
Tumbledown 8:00 pm at Richard's in Fresno, CAdiscuss
NOISE AttACK 8:00 pm at Jungle in Palo Alto, CAdiscuss
Dan Padilla 8:00 pm at Chasers in San Diego, CAdiscuss
vena cava 8:00 pm at Ché Café in San Diego, CAdiscuss
RICKSHA 8:00 pm at O'Connell's in San Diego, CAdiscuss
Demon Funkies 9:00 pm at D Note in Arvada, COdiscuss
Latex Nuns 8:00 pm at Blast-o-Mat in Denver, COdiscuss
Underminer 8:00 pm at Hi-Dive in Denver, COdiscuss
Zygomatic 9:00 pm at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DEdiscuss
Jay Taylor 9:00 pm at Country Spot in Naples, FLdiscuss
NEW BRUISES 8:00 pm at Crowbar in Tampa, FLdiscuss
The Tim Version 8:00 pm at Crowbar in Tampa, FLdiscuss
The Draft 9:00 pm at Crowbar in Tampa, FLdiscuss
Young Livers 9:00 pm at Crowbar in Tampa, FLdiscuss
MISFITS 8:00 pm at Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu, HIdiscuss
LYNAM 8:00 pm at House of Blues in Chicago, ILdiscuss
People Noise 9:00 pm at Otto's in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Fickles Lot 7:00 pm at Spark in La Salle, ILdiscuss
Jack On Tap 7:00 pm at Merna Tap in Merna, ILdiscuss
Spouse 7:00 pm at Middle East in Cambridge, MAdiscuss
Ellis Paul 8:00 pm at Andy's in Chestertown, MDdiscuss
Guff 8:00 pm at Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MIdiscuss
ToWer 6:00 pm at Ritz in Warren, MIdiscuss
Breathe Electric 6:00 pm at Vault in Buffalo, MNdiscuss
The Skies Revolt 7:00 pm at Vault in Buffalo, MNdiscuss
La Dispute 7:00 pm at Vault in Buffalo, MNdiscuss
Waster 6:00 pm at 2 Cents Plain in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
stella mora 8:00 pm at Bluebird in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Outlaw Nation 9:00 pm at Two Stick in Oxford, MSdiscuss
CALABI YAU 9:30 pm at Yauhaus in Charlotte, NCdiscuss
Attaboy 9:00 pm at Camp Berea in Hebron, NHdiscuss
High Court 6:00 pm at Cue Club II in Delran, NJdiscuss
Whiskey Train 9:00 pm at Flying W in Medford, NJdiscuss
FUTURE 86 10:00 pm at Orange Lantern in Paramus, NJdiscuss
FLASHOVER 10:30 pm at Brady's in Ramsey, NJdiscuss
alldivide 10:00 pm at Underground in Reno, NVdiscuss
The Touques 9:00 pm at XOXO in Reno, NVdiscuss
S.T.E.M. 9:00 pm at Ace of Clubs in New York, NYdiscuss
Telograph 9:00 pm at Annex in New York, NYdiscuss
Blue Method 12:00 am at Blue Note in New York, NYdiscuss
Novella 6:00 pm at Factory in Oklahoma City, OKdiscuss
I AM TERRIFIED 7:00 pm at Dregs in Memphis, TNdiscuss
The Anchor 8:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Muchos Backflips! 10:00 pm at Stubb's in Austin, TXdiscuss
AdaKaiN 8:00 pm at Antone's in Beaumont, TXdiscuss
PAPERMOONS 4:00 pm at Mink in Houston, TXdiscuss
Grace Gale 6:00 pm at Club NVO in Logan, UTdiscuss
Fletch 6:00 pm at Club NVO in Logan, UTdiscuss
Victim Effect 7:00 pm at Club NVO in Logan, UTdiscuss
The Menzingers 8:00 pm at Empire in Richmond, VAdiscuss