January 31st, 2008

Poem 6:30 pm at One Place in Phoenix, AZdiscuss
KINCH 10:00 pm at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZdiscuss
EOTO 9:00 pm at Plush in Tucson, AZdiscuss
People Noise 9:00 pm at Jambalaya in Arcata, CAdiscuss
jenni alpert 8:00 pm at Mint in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
BEERCAN! 8:00 pm at Lava Lounge in Monterey, CAdiscuss
Sherwood 7:00 pm at Boardwalk in Orangevale, CAdiscuss
Higher 7:00 pm at Boardwalk in Orangevale, CAdiscuss
Delta Spirit 8:00 pm at Casbah in San Diego, CAdiscuss
U-Melt 9:00 pm at Stage Stop in Rollinsville, COdiscuss
School Boy Humor 6:00 pm at Capitol in Ocala, FLdiscuss
Mae 7:30 pm at Sluggo's in Pensacola, FLdiscuss
WiLX 9:00 pm at Georgia Theatre in Athens, GAdiscuss
UNGDOMSKULEN 8:00 pm at Earl in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Goatwhore 7:00 pm at Masquerade in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Fletch 6:00 pm at Swayze's in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Grace Gale 6:00 pm at Swayze's in Marietta, GAdiscuss
Paul Rader 8:00 pm at Augie's in Pooler, GAdiscuss
Hot Atomics 8:00 pm at PK's in Carbondale, ILdiscuss
Mayday Parade 8:00 pm at Metro in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Jackie Lawson 9:00 pm at Sliderz in Decatur, ILdiscuss
The Effects 8:00 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
OH, SLEEPER 7:00 pm at Do Wah Diddy in Berea, KYdiscuss
Holy Fuck 8:00 pm at Republic in New Orleans, LAdiscuss
Iyeoka 8:00 pm at Black Spot Cafe in Hyannis, MAdiscuss
Bill Bynum & Co. 8:00 pm at Ark in Ann Arbor, MIdiscuss
Chevelle 7:00 pm at Wink Arena in Big Rapids, MIdiscuss
Konniption Fit 8:00 pm at Crofoot in Pontiac, MIdiscuss
Novella 6:00 pm at Vault in Buffalo, MNdiscuss
Falling Up 6:00 pm at Foundry in Joplin, MOdiscuss
Family Force 5 7:00 pm at Foundry in Joplin, MOdiscuss
Hightide Blues 11:00 pm at Levee in Oxford, MSdiscuss
Ludo 7:00 pm at Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, NEdiscuss
Black Year 9:00 pm at XOXO in Reno, NVdiscuss
Steel Train 8:00 pm at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
The Thermals 8:00 pm at Studio B in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
The Bridge 8:00 pm at Java Barn in Canton, NYdiscuss
Federale 8:00 pm at Annex in New York, NYdiscuss
ALOKE 11:00 pm at Lit Lounge in New York, NYdiscuss
Peasant 8:00 pm at Think Coffee in New York, NYdiscuss
New Monsoon 10:00 pm at WOW Hall in Eugene, ORdiscuss
The Skinnyz 9:00 pm at RonToms in Portland, ORdiscuss
RECON 8:00 pm at Ritz Theatre in Muncy, PAdiscuss
taura byrd 8:00 pm at Elevation in Nashville, TNdiscuss
Grand Champeen 8:00 pm at Beerland in Austin, TXdiscuss
BILL BAND 10:00 pm at Parish Room in Austin, TXdiscuss
DRUGGIST 9:00 pm at Club Dada in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Jon Magill 8:15 pm at RC's Bar in Granbury, TXdiscuss
Matt Barber 11:30 am at Cypress Wood in Houston, TXdiscuss
Plank 8:00 pm at Lorraine's in Marble Falls, TXdiscuss
The Museum 8:00 pm at Common Grounds in Waco, TXdiscuss
VANNA 6:00 pm at Club NVO in Logan, UTdiscuss
GHOSTOWNE 9:00 pm at Cisero's in Park City, UTdiscuss
EMMURE 6:00 pm at Alley Katz in Richmond, VAdiscuss
Phil Bensen 8:00 pm at Jammin Java in Vienna, VAdiscuss
Kelli Heath 8:00 pm at Chop Suey in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Jason Webley 8:30 pm at Masa in Tacoma, WAdiscuss
B. Rude 8:00 pm at Fuel in Morgantown, WVdiscuss