February 23rd, 2008

9spine 10:00 pm at Rainbow Bar in Kenai, AKdiscuss
Say When 8:00 pm at Joint in Flagstaff, AZdiscuss
Hed PE 8:00 pm at Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZdiscuss
Izabella 9:30 pm at Humbrews in Arcata, CAdiscuss
rob michaels 8:00 pm at Keyclub in Hollywood, CAdiscuss
G L I S S 10:00 pm at Vertigos in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
Low Red Land 9:00 pm at Partisan in Merced, CAdiscuss
BAD DUDES 8:00 pm at Velouria in Mexicali, CAdiscuss
ANTHEM 7:00 pm at It's a Grind in Rocklin, CAdiscuss
Fishbone 8:00 pm at Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CAdiscuss
Kinetix 10:00 pm at Herb's Bar in Denver, COdiscuss
raleigh 9:00 pm at Larimer Lounge in Denver, COdiscuss
Civet 7:00 pm at Marquis Theatre in Denver, COdiscuss
Defying Gravity 6:00 pm at Roxy in Denver, COdiscuss
Jason Vigil 8:00 pm at Soiled Dove in Denver, COdiscuss
Spiritual Rez 10:30 pm at Summit in Durango, COdiscuss
GIT SOME 9:00 pm at Falcon in Englewood, COdiscuss
Higher 6:30 pm at Masquerade in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Sherwood 8:00 pm at Masquerade in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Mudcat 10:00 pm at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
LYNAM 9:00 pm at Power Station in Macon, GAdiscuss
Paul Rader 10:00 pm at Bayou Cafe in Savannah, GAdiscuss
Public Property 10:00 pm at Loft in Honolulu, HIdiscuss
quiksesh 9:30 pm at Papa's Corner in Ames, IAdiscuss
BALLOONS 8:00 pm at Picador in Iowa City, IAdiscuss
HITCH 8:00 pm at Picador in Iowa City, IAdiscuss
Fraught 7:00 pm at Lava Lounge in Ottumwa, IAdiscuss
Sol Jibe 9:30 pm at Reef in Boise, IDdiscuss
Equaleyes 9:00 pm at Great Escape in McCall, IDdiscuss
IQEQ 4:00 pm at Seven Devils Pub in Tamarack, IDdiscuss
Hollowpoint 8:00 pm at End Zone in Aurora, ILdiscuss
Big Smith 8:00 pm at FitzGerald's in Berwyn, ILdiscuss
tUB rING 5:00 pm at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Peachcake 7:00 pm at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, ILdiscuss
RTX 8:00 pm at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, ILdiscuss
COTTONSEED 8:30 pm at Leadway Bar in Chicago, ILdiscuss
JigGsaw 10:00 pm at Note in Chicago, ILdiscuss
SOUL FIGHT 8:00 pm at Lot 4 in Chicago Ridge, ILdiscuss
Run Kid Run 7:00 pm at Edge in Danville, ILdiscuss
Tina Sparkle 8:00 pm at Spark in La Salle, ILdiscuss
Jaik Willis 9:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
Mister Sister 9:30 pm at Martinis in Peoria, ILdiscuss
ENDITY 9:00 pm at CJ's Lounge in Rockford, ILdiscuss
JUNK 10:00 pm at Funkey Monkey in Seymour, INdiscuss
Philpot 9:00 pm at Bob's Inn in Winslow, INdiscuss
Thusia 8:00 pm at Artist's Attic in Harlan, KYdiscuss
DIPLO 8:00 pm at Great Scott in Allston, MAdiscuss
The Few 8:00 pm at Pump House in Southbridge, MAdiscuss
cult maze 8:00 pm at Station in Portland, MEdiscuss
Murrows Boys 1:00 pm at Book Shoppe in Alma, MIdiscuss
Mike Relm 8:00 pm at Palace in Auburn Hills, MIdiscuss
Ports of Aidia 6:00 pm at Loft in Bay City, MIdiscuss
HJLB 8:00 pm at Outhouse 500 in Coopersville, MIdiscuss
Rooney 4:00 pm at Fox Theatre in Detroit, MIdiscuss
Rooney 8:00 pm at Fox Theatre in Detroit, MIdiscuss
LVNMUZIQ 9:00 pm at Rubbles in Mt. Pleasant, MIdiscuss
every avenue 8:00 pm at Crofoot in Pontiac, MIdiscuss
ToWer 7:00 pm at Static Age Cafe in Romeo, MIdiscuss
Bump 8:00 pm at Canyon Grill in Eden Prairie, MNdiscuss
OFF 4:00 pm at Bandana Brewery in Mankato, MNdiscuss
AFILIO 5:30 pm at Station 4 in St. Paul, MNdiscuss
The Schwag 10:00 pm at Blue Note in Columbia, MOdiscuss
Ohms Law 9:00 pm at R-Place in House Springs, MOdiscuss
Brooks Wood Band 10:00 pm at Flipside in Boone, NCdiscuss
mc chris 9:00 pm at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NCdiscuss
RUINER 8:00 pm at Lucky's Pub in Wilmington, NCdiscuss
Elysia 8:00 pm at Lucky's Pub in Wilmington, NCdiscuss
Woodbox Gang 9:00 pm at Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NEdiscuss
Dax Riggs 8:00 pm at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJdiscuss
FLASHOVER 10:00 pm at Orange Lantern in Paramus, NJdiscuss
Pigeon John 8:00 pm at Tonic Lounge in Reno, NVdiscuss
YOUNG WIDOWS 8:00 pm at Soundlab in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
Cloud 9 9:00 pm at Cabaloosa's in New Paltz, NYdiscuss
Des Roar 8:00 pm at Club Midway in New York, NYdiscuss
redline 11:00 pm at Napper Tandys in Northport, NYdiscuss
Sanctuary 10:00 pm at Barney McNabbs in Yonkers, NYdiscuss
R.A.R. 9:00 pm at Rusty Shamrock in Canton, OHdiscuss
Chevelle 7:00 pm at Bogart's in Cincinnati, OHdiscuss
MARAZENE 7:00 pm at Cove Nightclub in Geneva, OHdiscuss
FIXER 7:30 pm at Harry's Hideaway in Lima, OHdiscuss
Siva 8:00 pm at Railhead Saloon in Lawton, OKdiscuss
Fat Dixie 10:00 pm at Max's Garage in Muskogee, OKdiscuss
CHUK COOLEY 9:00 pm at Backyard Bar in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Travis Kidd 10:00 pm at Dirty's Tavern in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
HILLSTOMP 9:00 pm at Annex in Bend, ORdiscuss
Floater 8:00 pm at WOW Hall in Eugene, ORdiscuss
advisory 9:00 pm at Brainstains in Portland, ORdiscuss
Against Me 7:00 pm at Gravity in Cheswick, PAdiscuss
Vilebred 8:00 pm at Dino's in Glenolden, PAdiscuss
Illinois 8:00 pm at Maggio's in Southampton, PAdiscuss
Luminaire Divided 7:00 pm at Club 19 in York, PAdiscuss
Backlash 9:30 pm at Sandy Bottom in Coventry, RIdiscuss
Soulfly 8:00 pm at Map Room in Charleston, SCdiscuss
UNDONE 10:00 pm at Blue Cue in Mauldin, SCdiscuss
Bob Beach 12:00 pm at Folk Alliance in Memphis, TNdiscuss
Storyhill 10:00 pm at Marriott Hotel in Memphis, TNdiscuss
Lollipop Factory 10:00 pm at Muse in Nashville, TNdiscuss
IVORYLINE 7:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
MC Overlord 9:00 pm at Hi-Lo in Austin, TXdiscuss
goldcure 11:00 pm at One 2 One Bar in Austin, TXdiscuss
The VETTES 10:00 pm at Vortex in Beaumont, TXdiscuss
AdaKaiN 8:00 pm at Curtain Club in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Toby the Fugitive 6:30 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Dormlife 8:00 pm at Q8 Cafe in El Paso, TXdiscuss
Gunshy 8:00 pm at Chat Room in Fort Worth, TXdiscuss
Charlie Parr 8:00 pm at Lola's in Fort Worth, TXdiscuss
FIXER 8:00 pm at Clicks Billiards in Tyler, TXdiscuss
The Wading Girl 8:00 pm at Mojos in Richmond, VAdiscuss
The dirty birds 9:00 pm at Royal in Olympia, WAdiscuss
rature 8:00 pm at Dearborn House in Seattle, WAdiscuss
HELLYEAH 8:00 pm at El Corazon in Seattle, WAdiscuss
United House Front 10:00 pm at Lo Fi in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Duhks 12:00 am at Sheraton Hotel in Tacoma, WAdiscuss
Fancy Bastard 9:00 pm at Joint in La Crosse, WIdiscuss
Stone Cell 9:30 pm at Crown Bar in Cheyenne, WYdiscuss
greg creamer 10:00 pm at 43 North in Jackson, WYdiscuss