March 8th, 2008

Hi Red Center 8:00 pm at Cave9 in Birmingham, ALdiscuss
LYNAM 10:00 pm at Off the Wagon in Montgomery, ALdiscuss
Baumer 8:00 pm at Rabid Goat in Montgomery, ALdiscuss
garrøn 10:00 pm at Rockabilly's in Fort Smith, ARdiscuss
The AGGROLITES 8:00 pm at Sets in Phoenix, AZdiscuss
The forward 7:00 pm at Living Room in Tucson, AZdiscuss
Dafni 8:00 pm at Cinema Bar in Culver City, CAdiscuss
Devil Doll 8:00 pm at Club Fred in Fresno, CAdiscuss
Memphis May Fire 8:00 pm at Exit in Fresno, CAdiscuss
Bump 10:00 pm at Mint in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
RUINER 8:00 pm at Boardwalk in Orangevale, CAdiscuss
Gillmor 7:00 pm at Glass House in Pomona, CAdiscuss
Elysia 8:00 pm at Boardwalk in Sacramento, CAdiscuss
Delta Spirit 10:00 pm at Casbah in San Diego, CAdiscuss
CATHERINE 8:00 pm at Castle in Soledad, CAdiscuss
ANTHEM 9:00 pm at Stooges in Stockton, CAdiscuss
That 1 Guy 8:00 pm at Fox Theatre in Boulder, COdiscuss
Birdy 8:00 pm at Bender's Tavern in Denver, COdiscuss
Kinetix 10:00 pm at Herb's Bar in Denver, COdiscuss
Vonnegut 8:00 pm at Walnut Room in Denver, COdiscuss
akissforjersey 5:00 pm at YMCA in Norwich, CTdiscuss
The Needles 10:00 pm at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DEdiscuss
Mink 9:00 pm at Hard Rock Cafe in Destin, FLdiscuss
Tommy D 2:00 pm at Lock & Key in Englewood, FLdiscuss
Ea$y Money 8:00 pm at Country Spot in Naples, FLdiscuss
RAQ 6:30 pm at Langerado Festival in Sunrise, FLdiscuss
MAN MAN 8:00 pm at 40 Watt Club in Athens, GAdiscuss
BORN ruffians 9:00 pm at Earl in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Johnathan Rice 8:00 pm at Loft in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Kinstone 11:00 am at Masquerade in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Sylis 7:00 pm at Sector 7G in Augusta, GAdiscuss
IQEQ 8:00 pm at Bouquet in Boise, IDdiscuss
Speaker Speaker 8:00 pm at Neurolux in Boise, IDdiscuss
Equaleyes 9:00 pm at Reef in Boise, IDdiscuss
RECON 8:00 pm at Venue in Boise, IDdiscuss
Nicole Torres 8:00 pm at Duke's in Chicago, ILdiscuss
sybris 12:00 pm at Hideout in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Herbert Wiser Band 10:00 pm at Store in Chicago, ILdiscuss
The Elation 6:00 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Bob Hartwell 10:00 pm at Club 1026 in Lockport, ILdiscuss
The Final Hour 8:00 pm at Isaak's in Mattoon, ILdiscuss
Brainchild 8:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
BOTTLE OF JUSTUS 10:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
EMMURE 8:00 pm at Rock Box in Rockford, ILdiscuss
DinyourA 8:00 pm at Salute in Springfield, ILdiscuss
Wheelhouse 9:00 pm at Big Easy in Yorkville, ILdiscuss
Oakhurst 8:00 pm at Bottleneck in Lawrence, KSdiscuss
Judd Hoos 9:00 pm at Paramount Bar in Salina, KSdiscuss
Thusia 8:00 pm at Harvest Cafe in Louisville, KYdiscuss
Choptop 7:00 pm at Darkroom in Baton Rouge, LAdiscuss
The Swellers 7:00 pm at B Side in Ann Arbor, MIdiscuss
Abandon Kansas 7:00 pm at Loft in Bay City, MIdiscuss
ATREYU 6:00 pm at Cobo Center in Detroit, MIdiscuss
Vintage 9:00 pm at Breakroom in Grand Rapids, MIdiscuss
Look Mexico 8:00 pm at Pike Room in Pontiac, MIdiscuss
Band Marino 8:00 pm at Pike Room in Pontiac, MIdiscuss
Konniption Fit 8:00 pm at Ritz in Warren, MIdiscuss
LET LIONS 7:00 pm at Blue Note in Columbia, MOdiscuss
The Kinetiks 9:00 pm at Mojo's in Columbia, MOdiscuss
La Dispute 7:00 pm at Crux in Hannibal, MOdiscuss
Flatfoot 56 7:00 pm at Foundry in Joplin, MOdiscuss
Jakes Leg 10:00 pm at Dubliner in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Dormlife 7:00 pm at Underground in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Ohms Law 9:00 pm at VFW in St. Robert, MOdiscuss
Grieves 8:00 pm at Aquarium in Fargo, NDdiscuss
Anj 7:00 pm at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJdiscuss
Peachcake 8:00 pm at Cue Club II in Delran, NJdiscuss
PipeDreams 10:00 pm at Cloud 9 in Paterson, NJdiscuss
FUTURE 86 10:00 pm at Colorado Cafe in Watchung, NJdiscuss
vicious cycle 9:00 pm at Ten 99 Club in Reno, NVdiscuss
Joseph Israel 8:00 pm at Java Barn in Canton, NYdiscuss
tobyMac 7:30 pm at First Arena in Elmira, NYdiscuss
The Dig 8:00 pm at Nines in Ithaca, NYdiscuss
Spouse 7:30 pm at Annex in New York, NYdiscuss
Pale Nimbus 10:00 pm at Pianos in New York, NYdiscuss
Pillow Theory 11:00 pm at Snitch in New York, NYdiscuss
Sia 8:00 pm at Webster Hall in New York, NYdiscuss
Tina Sparkle 8:00 pm at Murmur in Cincinnati, OHdiscuss
BRAIN DRILL 7:00 pm at Basement in Columbus, OHdiscuss
BobaFlex 8:00 pm at Fusion's Bar in Marion, OHdiscuss
THIS HOLIDAY LIFE 10:00 pm at Kofenya in Oxford, OHdiscuss
Even The Dogs 6:30 pm at Tree in Claremore, OKdiscuss
Ludo 7:00 pm at Crush Lounge in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
VANNA 6:00 pm at Pink Eye in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
LIFERUINER 8:00 pm at Pink Eye in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Feel Never Real 9:00 pm at Plan B in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Extra Life 8:00 pm at Rotture in Portland, ORdiscuss
ENDWELL 8:00 pm at Club Octane in Charleroi, PAdiscuss
SHRAM 8:00 pm at Altar in Pittsburgh, PAdiscuss
LIGION 8:00 pm at 5 Points Pub in Columbia, SCdiscuss
RTX 8:00 pm at Pilot Light in Knoxville, TNdiscuss
FARCRY 10:00 pm at Tootsie's in Manchester, TNdiscuss
New Monsoon 9:00 pm at Newby's in Memphis, TNdiscuss
JK 8:00 pm at Cadillac Ranch in Nashville, TNdiscuss
ROSE FUNERAL 6:00 pm at Muse in Nashville, TNdiscuss
AdaKaiN 8:00 pm at Old Kelly's in Abilene, TXdiscuss
Kurt Reifler 2:30 pm at Antone's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Bob Schneider 10:00 pm at Antone's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Blaze 6:30 pm at Central Market in Austin, TXdiscuss
Silverstein 6:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
A Day To Remember 8:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
The Vanished 8:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Meryll 8:00 pm at Mohawk in Austin, TXdiscuss
VALLEJO 11:00 pm at One 2 One Bar in Austin, TXdiscuss
G L I S S 10:00 am at Moon Bar in Fort Worth, TXdiscuss
Jon Magill 8:15 pm at RC's Bar in Granbury, TXdiscuss
SEVI 8:00 pm at Scout Bar in Houston, TXdiscuss
Zane Lewis 8:30 pm at Shilo Inn in Killeen, TXdiscuss
PEOPLE'S CHOICE 9:00 pm at Ranch in Rockdale, TXdiscuss
Cody Jinks 9:00 pm at Club 148 in Terrell, TXdiscuss
BlameShift 8:00 pm at Gary's Spot in Tomball, TXdiscuss
Allred 8:00 pm at Club Velour in Provo, UTdiscuss
Atkinsons 10:00 pm at Cafe Diem in Richmond, VAdiscuss
Landmines 9:00 pm at Canal Club in Richmond, VAdiscuss
Sun Domingo 10:00 pm at Edge in Wintergreen, VAdiscuss
Jounce 8:00 pm at Green Door Pub in Stratton, VTdiscuss
Dana Osborn 8:00 pm at Piazza's in Mukilteo, WAdiscuss
The blakes 8:00 pm at High Dive in Seattle, WAdiscuss
United House Front 10:00 pm at ToST in Seattle, WAdiscuss
LVNMUZIQ 8:00 pm at Paradigm in Sheboygan, WIdiscuss