May 2nd, 2008

9spine 10:00 pm at Peanut Fram in Anchorage, AKdiscuss
HoneyBaked 8:00 pm at Zydeco in Birmingham, ALdiscuss
Ages Apart 11:00 pm at Grand Central in Mobile, ALdiscuss
Panima 7:00 pm at It's A Grind in Corona, CAdiscuss
Unit F 8:00 pm at Anarchy Library in Downey, CAdiscuss
Eyesore 9:00 pm at Romano's in Riverside, CAdiscuss
SAGE 10:00 pm at Royale in San Francisco, CAdiscuss
Blu 8:00 pm at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, CAdiscuss
meese 8:00 pm at Fox Theatre in Boulder, COdiscuss
meese 8:30 pm at Fox Theatre in Boulder, COdiscuss
Nadas 8:00 pm at Gothic Theatre in Denver, COdiscuss
EXPIRY 8:00 pm at Rockstarz in Fort Myers, FLdiscuss
STORMS 9:30 pm at Country Spot in Naples, FLdiscuss
Mr. Machine 7:00 pm at Capitol in Ocala, FLdiscuss
BobaFlex 8:00 pm at AKA Lounge in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Chicago 8:00 pm at Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Veil of Maya 8:00 pm at Orpheum in Tampa, FLdiscuss
The GHOST INSIDE 8:00 pm at Orpheum in Tampa, FLdiscuss
Chameleon 8:00 pm at Tavern in Acworth, GAdiscuss
WiLX 9:00 pm at Georgia Theatre in Athens, GAdiscuss
Behemoth 8:00 pm at Masquerade in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Martay 6:00 pm at Tap in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Jay Taylor 9:00 pm at Coyote's in Augusta, GAdiscuss
Mudcat 9:00 pm at Shorty's in Tucker, GAdiscuss
EOTO 10:00 pm at Redstone Room in Davenport, IAdiscuss
Salem 9:00 pm at Knotty Pine in Victor, IDdiscuss
The Saps 10:00 pm at Subterranean in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Sundowner 6:30 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Egon's Unicat 9:00 pm at Otto's in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Jaik Willis 9:00 pm at Brewe-Ha's in Normal, ILdiscuss
Brainchild 8:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
56 Hope Road 10:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
Axiom 9:00 pm at CJ's Lounge in Rockford, ILdiscuss
Shawn Williams 6:30 pm at ELB in Rockford, ILdiscuss
Egypt Central 8:00 pm at Pop's in Sauget, ILdiscuss
Drowning Pool 8:00 pm at Pop's in Sauget, ILdiscuss
Flashpoint 10:00 pm at Gooseneck Brew in Brazil, INdiscuss
Oakhurst 8:00 pm at Bottleneck in Lawrence, KSdiscuss
The blakes 8:00 pm at Great Scott in Allston, MAdiscuss
ChainDrive 10:00 pm at Courtyard in Pocasset, MAdiscuss
The BRIGGS 8:00 pm at Palladium in Worcester, MAdiscuss
Bob Sima 8:00 pm at Coffee East in Easton, MDdiscuss
KADDISFLY 6:00 pm at Loft in Bay City, MIdiscuss
Ports of Aidia 6:30 pm at Loft in Bay City, MIdiscuss
The Veloras 9:00 pm at Nunica Bar in Nunica, MIdiscuss
SEABIRD 7:00 pm at District in Orion, MIdiscuss
NEEDTOBREATHE 7:00 pm at District in Orion, MIdiscuss
Jakes Leg 10:00 pm at Ugly Fish in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Judd Hoos 9:00 pm at Red Zone in Chadron, NEdiscuss
Mamakicks 8:00 pm at Holiday Inn in Concord, NHdiscuss
FLASHOVER 10:30 pm at Cloud 9 in Paterson, NJdiscuss
ENON 8:00 pm at Terrace Club in Princeton, NJdiscuss
FUTURE 86 10:30 pm at Brady's in Ramsey, NJdiscuss
The Science 9:00 pm at Rox in Las Vegas, NVdiscuss
Love Equals Death 8:00 pm at Vixen in Sparks, NVdiscuss
Civet 8:00 pm at Vixen in Sparks, NVdiscuss
The Darlins 9:00 pm at Vixen in Sparks, NVdiscuss
Jessica Lurie 7:00 pm at Barbès in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
The Emotron 8:00 pm at 29 Custer in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
Tiger Saw 9:00 pm at Club Diablo in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
Jay Nash 8:00 pm at Living Room in New York, NYdiscuss
Nicola 10:00 pm at Pianos in New York, NYdiscuss
Psyopus 7:00 pm at Penny Arcade in Rochester, NYdiscuss
RED THEORY 8:00 pm at Haunt in Yonkers, NYdiscuss
MALIGNANCY 8:00 pm at Haunt in Yonkers, NYdiscuss
E P 3 8:00 pm at Blue Gator in Athens, OHdiscuss
Kinetix 10:00 pm at Euclid Tavern in Cleveland, OHdiscuss
BAD DUDES 8:00 pm at Carabar in Columbus, OHdiscuss
Memory Is Tragedy 8:00 pm at Attic in Dayton, OHdiscuss
South40 8:00 pm at Laughing Wench in Jenks, OKdiscuss
Fat Dixie 9:00 pm at Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Ingredients 10:00 pm at Luckey's in Eugene, ORdiscuss
Grieves 8:00 pm at WOW Hall in Eugene, ORdiscuss
HOOKAH STEW 9:00 pm at Landmark in Yachats, ORdiscuss
The Juice 8:00 pm at Gullifty's in Camp Hill, PAdiscuss
Genghis Tron 8:00 pm at School in Pittsburgh, PAdiscuss
Gravity Burn 9:00 pm at Dive in Goose Creek, SCdiscuss
Bombadil 12:00 pm at Disc Exchange in Knoxville, TNdiscuss
Zac Brown Band 10:00 pm at Exit/In in Nashville, TNdiscuss
CORAZON 8:00 pm at Foobar in Nashville, TNdiscuss
Keni Thomas 2:00 pm at Marriott in Nashville, TNdiscuss
AdaKaiN 8:00 pm at Old Kelly's in Abilene, TXdiscuss
ATMOSPHERE 9:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Bill Rice 7:30 pm at Hill's Cafe in Austin, TXdiscuss
goldcure 11:00 pm at One 2 One Bar in Austin, TXdiscuss
Birds of Avalon 7:00 pm at Stubb's in Austin, TXdiscuss
SYDNEY CONFIRM 9:00 pm at Cavern in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Stadium 8:00 pm at Fitzgerald's in Houston, TXdiscuss
OTEP 8:00 pm at Scout Bar in Houston, TXdiscuss
SEVI 7:00 pm at White Swan in Houston, TXdiscuss
10 Mile Crossing 10:00 pm at Mo's Place in Katy, TXdiscuss
PEOPLE'S CHOICE 9:00 pm at Ranch in Temple, TXdiscuss
LOOM 6:00 pm at Loom House in Salt Lake City, UTdiscuss
Allred 7:00 pm at Jazzy Java in St. George, UTdiscuss
PWRFL POWER 8:00 pm at marsBar in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Seeing Blind 9:00 pm at Mix in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Blue 4 Trio 8:00 pm at Salty's in Seattle, WAdiscuss
The Bridges 7:00 pm at Annex in Madison, WIdiscuss
Rooney 8:00 pm at Annex in Madison, WIdiscuss
B. Rude 6:30 pm at Brickhouse in St. Albans, WVdiscuss
SPiN 9:00 pm at My Buddys Place in Sheridan, WYdiscuss