May 3rd, 2008

9spine 10:00 pm at Peanut Fram in Anchorage, AKdiscuss
Alabaster Box 3:00 pm at SoulStock in Athens, ALdiscuss
Caddle 10:00 pm at Cafe Firenze in Birmingham, ALdiscuss
Ages Apart 11:00 pm at Grand Central in Mobile, ALdiscuss
Vertigo 3:00 pm at Yellow Room in Tuscaloosa, ALdiscuss
Panima 7:00 pm at Hot Box in Phoenix, AZdiscuss
Sheepheads 8:00 pm at Jugheads in Phoenix, AZdiscuss
KINCH 7:00 pm at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale, AZdiscuss
Colour Revolt 7:00 pm at Clubhouse in Tempe, AZdiscuss
Floater 8:00 pm at Senator Theatre in Chico, CAdiscuss
DOLPHIN CITY 8:00 pm at Lab in Costa Mesa, CAdiscuss
Three Of 7:00 pm at Bay Street in Emeryville, CAdiscuss
rob michaels 11:00 pm at Lift in Hollywood, CAdiscuss
Dr. Dickhead 8:00 pm at Trap in Lancaster, CAdiscuss
Warlocks 8:00 pm at Smell in Los Angeles, CAdiscuss
ANTHEM 8:00 pm at Battered Beaver in Oakdale, CAdiscuss
SOJA 8:00 pm at OC Tavern in San Clemente, CAdiscuss
Mustard Plug 9:00 pm at Soma in San Diego, CAdiscuss
comadre 7:00 pm at 418 Project in Santa Cruz, CAdiscuss
Eric Dorn 8:00 pm at Bliss Cafe in Arvada, COdiscuss
Mochipet 8:00 pm at Cafe Babu in Boulder, COdiscuss
mike maurer 8:00 pm at Pec Too in Denver, COdiscuss
Ian Cooke 8:00 pm at Thin Man in Denver, COdiscuss
thiC 8:00 pm at Eck's Saloon in Lakewood, COdiscuss
Blue Method 10:45 pm at Sully's Pub in Hartford, CTdiscuss
Pulp 45 9:00 pm at Club 645 in South Windsor, CTdiscuss
Nathan Perer 9:00 pm at Abbey in Deland, FLdiscuss
EXPIRY 8:00 pm at Rockstarz in Fort Myers, FLdiscuss
tubers 9:00 pm at Atlantic in Gainesville, FLdiscuss
LASERHEAD 10:00 pm at Atlantic in Gainesville, FLdiscuss
Veil of Maya 8:00 pm at Studio A in Miami, FLdiscuss
STORMS 9:30 pm at Country Spot in Naples, FLdiscuss
Chameleon 8:00 pm at Tavern in Acworth, GAdiscuss
Cars Can Be Blue 6:00 pm at Hangar in Athens, GAdiscuss
MAN MAN 8:00 pm at Lenny's Bar in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Yeasayer 8:00 pm at Lenny's Bar in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
On-Seven 10:00 pm at Loft in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Jay Taylor 9:00 pm at Coyote's in Augusta, GAdiscuss
Robo 8:00 pm at Prospector Hall in Dahlonega, GAdiscuss
Vibe Irie 8:00 pm at RootsFest in La Fayette, GAdiscuss
FIXER 7:00 pm at Power Station in Macon, GAdiscuss
Martay 9:30 pm at Blue Olive in Marietta, GAdiscuss
Mudcat 9:00 pm at Darwin's in Marietta, GAdiscuss
Eowyn 7:00 pm at Church of Christ in Earlham, IAdiscuss
Minus Six 10:00 pm at Industry in Iowa City, IAdiscuss
Heibarger 9:00 pm at Bouquet in Boise, IDdiscuss
Salem 10:00 pm at Reef in Boise, IDdiscuss
Native Root 11:15 pm at John's Alley in Moscow, IDdiscuss
SINKANE 8:00 pm at Highdive in Champaign, ILdiscuss
CANADA 8:00 pm at Highdive in Champaign, ILdiscuss
MEAH! 8:00 pm at Stadium West in Chicago, ILdiscuss
TWELFTH GATE 5:00 pm at Pearl Room in Mokena, ILdiscuss
ENDITY 6:00 pm at LTs in Rockford, ILdiscuss
The Bridges 6:00 pm at Canopy Club in Urbana, ILdiscuss
Rooney 8:00 pm at Canopy Club in Urbana, ILdiscuss
Ryan Miller 8:00 pm at Bistro 17 in Waukegan, ILdiscuss
Flashpoint 10:00 pm at Gooseneck Brew in Brazil, INdiscuss
Piss Off 8:00 pm at Berlin in Fort Wayne, INdiscuss
STATE 10:00 pm at Melody Inn in Indianapolis, INdiscuss
Groove Stain 10:00 pm at Bar in Metairie, LAdiscuss
U-Melt 2:00 am at Blue Nile in New Orleans, LAdiscuss
The Few 8:00 pm at All Asia Bar in Cambridge, MAdiscuss
The City Veins 8:00 pm at Mum's in Baltimore, MDdiscuss
Mark Olson 8:30 pm at Coffee East in Easton, MDdiscuss
Bob Sima 6:00 pm at Mayfest in Frederick, MDdiscuss
KADDISFLY 6:00 pm at Opera House in Howell, MIdiscuss
MARY SHAW 8:00 pm at Mac's Bar in Lansing, MIdiscuss
HJLB 9:00 pm at Cruiser's Pub in Portage, MIdiscuss
EMMURE 6:00 pm at Bar Fly in Minneapolis, MNdiscuss
RECON 8:00 pm at Bar Fly in Minneapolis, MNdiscuss
Victoria 8:00 pm at Mojo's in Columbia, MOdiscuss
HOTBOX 10:00 pm at Mayfest in Springfield, MOdiscuss
Dick Prall 8:30 pm at Bluebird in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
akissforjersey 6:00 pm at Brewery in Raleigh, NCdiscuss
Judd Hoos 9:00 pm at Red Zone in Chadron, NEdiscuss
Chad Lee 9:00 pm at Remedy Lounge in Fremont, NEdiscuss
EOTO 10:00 pm at Box Awesome in Lincoln, NEdiscuss
SHRAM 8:00 pm at Rox in Omaha, NEdiscuss
Little Brazil 9:00 pm at Slow Down in Omaha, NEdiscuss
The Summoned 8:00 pm at Junction in Henniker, NHdiscuss
Friends 11:00 am at Broad Street Pub in Palmyra, NJdiscuss
Switchfoot 8:00 pm at Rutgers in Piscataway, NJdiscuss
Vampirates 10:00 pm at Zephyr Lounge in Reno, NVdiscuss
shakedown 8:00 pm at Vixen in Sparks, NVdiscuss
Krylls 8:30 pm at Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Neva Dinova 8:00 pm at Soundlab in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
Sutras 8:00 pm at Castaways in Ithaca, NYdiscuss
Ian Charles 10:30 pm at 169 Bar in New York, NYdiscuss
erin ivey 8:00 pm at Living Room in New York, NYdiscuss
La Strada 11:00 pm at Living Room in New York, NYdiscuss
Brock Murdoch 9:00 pm at Olive's in Nyack, NYdiscuss
tera melos 6:00 pm at Loft in Poughkeepsie, NYdiscuss
Mindi Abair 8:00 pm at Tangier in Akron, OHdiscuss
Behemoth 8:00 pm at Bogart's in Cincinnati, OHdiscuss
The pharmacy 8:00 pm at Carabar in Columbus, OHdiscuss
ZO2 8:00 pm at McGuffy's in Dayton, OHdiscuss
Murrows Boys 6:00 pm at Rocking U in Findlay, OHdiscuss
E P 3 8:00 pm at Barley's in Youngstown, OHdiscuss
GANEM 8:00 pm at Exit 6-C in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Icabod 9:30 pm at Wharf Tavern in Aston, PAdiscuss
Recent Hours 10:00 pm at Wharf Tavern in Aston, PAdiscuss
39 Goodbyes 8:00 pm at Don Pablos in Easton, PAdiscuss
I Nine 7:00 pm at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PAdiscuss
I Nine 8:00 pm at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PAdiscuss
LIFE IN BED 10:00 pm at Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PAdiscuss
Sun Domingo 10:00 pm at Jillian's in Columbia, SCdiscuss
Giuseppe 8:00 pm at Reverb in Greenville, SCdiscuss
Jah Roots 9:00 pm at Nutty's in Sioux Falls, SDdiscuss
Anchondo 9:00 pm at Nutty's in Sioux Falls, SDdiscuss
JK 4:30 pm at Lebenon Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TNdiscuss
EYES AROUND 10:00 pm at Stable in Martin, TNdiscuss
Conviction 5:00 pm at Rocketown in Nashville, TNdiscuss
ATMOSPHERE 9:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Weldon Henson 9:00 pm at Giddy-Ups in Austin, TXdiscuss
Birds of Avalon 7:00 pm at Stubb's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Sideshow Tramps 9:30 pm at Tuts in Conroe, TXdiscuss
Headdress 10:00 pm at Cavern in Dallas, TXdiscuss
BILL BAND 10:00 pm at Cavern in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Sarah Jaffe 9:00 pm at Club Dada in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Dertybird 8:00 pm at Boiler Room in Denton, TXdiscuss
The Lonely H 10:00 pm at Kings X in El Paso, TXdiscuss
RIVETHEAD 8:00 pm at Side Pocket in Kilgore, TXdiscuss
cyrus 8:00 pm at Porchlight in Lubbock, TXdiscuss
Mild Winter 10:00 pm at Boot in Norfolk, VAdiscuss
Thrice 7:00 pm at National in Richmond, VAdiscuss
Myotis 8:00 pm at Rocks in Richmond, VAdiscuss
DeVotchKa 8:00 pm at Showbox in Seattle, WAdiscuss
The Shook Twins 9:00 pm at Zola in Spokane, WAdiscuss
disonic 9:00 pm at Brat Stop in Kenosha, WIdiscuss
Maritime 8:00 pm at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, WIdiscuss