May 10th, 2008

Seeds of Blessing 9:00 pm at Alibi in Homer, AKdiscuss
Chris Posey 10:00 pm at Fat Daddy's in Auburn, ALdiscuss
Fly by Radio 10:00 pm at Archie's in Fort Payne, ALdiscuss
LYNAM 10:00 pm at Chestnut Station in Gadsden, ALdiscuss
A.Z. 9:00 pm at Grand Central in Mobile, ALdiscuss
Adam Hood 10:00 pm at Double Branch in Troy, ALdiscuss
Caddle 10:00 pm at Rockabilly's in Fort Smith, ARdiscuss
rademacher 9:00 pm at Babylon Club in Fresno, CAdiscuss
ANTHEM 8:00 pm at Banana Joe's in Modesto, CAdiscuss
28 North 8:00 pm at Peter's Pub in Oakland, CAdiscuss
Repeater 8:00 pm at Beauty Bar in San Diego, CAdiscuss
ANARBOR 7:00 pm at Epicentre in San Diego, CAdiscuss
Dave Gleason 9:00 pm at Billy O's in Ventura, CAdiscuss
meiko 8:00 pm at Zoey's Cafe in Ventura, CAdiscuss
Tom Foolery 9:00 pm at 21 Club in Yuba City, CAdiscuss
Demon Funkies 10:00 pm at Lion's Lair in Denver, COdiscuss
Lazyface 8:00 pm at Soiled Dove in Denver, COdiscuss
Chris Despo 8:00 pm at Scrounge in Newark, DEdiscuss
Ea$y Money 8:00 pm at Hustlers in Cape Coral, FLdiscuss
tera melos 3:45 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Foxy Shazam! 4:00 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
The Dear Hunter 4:00 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Shinedown 8:00 pm at Tinker Field in Orlando, FLdiscuss
WormsLoew 10:00 pm at Red Eye Tavern in Macon, GAdiscuss
Kelly Richey 9:00 pm at Darwin's in Marietta, GAdiscuss
UGLY 8:00 pm at Horseshoe Bar in Calmar, IAdiscuss
Nadas 8:00 pm at Hub in Cedar Falls, IAdiscuss
Fat Andy 9:00 pm at Hub in Cedar Falls, IAdiscuss
Mondo Drag 8:00 pm at Picador in Iowa City, IAdiscuss
More Than This 9:00 pm at Steins in Newton, IAdiscuss
Equaleyes 9:30 pm at Reef in Boise, IDdiscuss
Izabella 9:00 pm at Knotty Pine in Victor, IDdiscuss
TODD SNIDER 8:00 pm at Abbey Pub in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Local H 7:00 pm at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Lima Charlie 8:00 pm at Hideout in Chicago, ILdiscuss
BOTTLE OF JUSTUS 10:00 pm at Crusen's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
DinyourA 9:00 pm at Lucky 8 in Petersburg, ILdiscuss
JUNK 10:00 pm at Rooster's in Bloomington, INdiscuss
The GUTS 8:00 pm at Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, INdiscuss
DeVotchKa 8:00 pm at Vogue in Indianapolis, INdiscuss
Piss Off 8:00 pm at Mo's Tavern in Muncie, INdiscuss
Philpot 10:00 pm at Runt's Lounge in Sullivan, INdiscuss
No More Kings 8:00 pm at Loft 150 in Wichita, KSdiscuss
freezepop 2:00 pm at Boston Common in Boston, MAdiscuss
The Few 8:00 pm at Peddler's Loft in Raynham, MAdiscuss
Thrice 8:00 pm at Palladium in Worcester, MAdiscuss
FIREWIND 8:00 pm at Recher Theatre in Towson, MDdiscuss
Dead Hearts 4:00 pm at Kave in Bucksport, MEdiscuss
Ports of Aidia 7:00 pm at Loft in Bay City, MIdiscuss
Lee Brice 8:00 pm at WYCD Hoedown in Detroit, MIdiscuss
The ThunderChickens 10:00 pm at Loft in Flint, MIdiscuss
Vintage 9:00 pm at Rocker in Grand Rapids, MIdiscuss
Maybe August 9:30 pm at Club 702 in Midland, MIdiscuss
Afroman 8:00 pm at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac, MIdiscuss
Konniption Fit 8:00 pm at Crofoot in Pontiac, MIdiscuss
LOUDRAY 8:00 pm at Lefty's Bar in Austin, MNdiscuss
HANDS 7:00 pm at River Church in Chaska, MNdiscuss
Nuance 7:00 pm at Erte in Minneapolis, MNdiscuss
OFF 5:00 pm at Station 4 in St. Paul, MNdiscuss
elsinore 8:00 pm at Hub's Pub in Bonne Terre, MOdiscuss
Ohms Law 9:00 pm at R-Place in House Springs, MOdiscuss
HOTBOX 9:00 pm at Just One More in Republic, MOdiscuss
Theodore 10:30 pm at CBGB in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
CALABI YAU 9:30 pm at Yauhaus in Charlotte, NCdiscuss
The pharmacy 8:00 pm at ACRe in Raleigh, NCdiscuss
Japanther 8:00 pm at ACRe in Raleigh, NCdiscuss
FOR TODAY 7:00 pm at Brewery in Raleigh, NCdiscuss
FLASHOVER 10:30 pm at Belmont Tavern in Haledon, NJdiscuss
CHUBB ROCK 10:00 pm at XXXV Club in Sayreville, NJdiscuss
FUTURE 86 10:00 pm at Colorado Cafe in Watchung, NJdiscuss
J0HNNY 7:00 pm at Unity Center in Roswell, NMdiscuss
Sol Jibe 8:00 pm at Harrah's in Reno, NVdiscuss
vicious cycle 9:00 pm at Ten 99 Club in Reno, NVdiscuss
The Dig 8:00 pm at Valentine's in Albany, NYdiscuss
Ultrabunny 3:00 pm at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
HI DEF 11:00 pm at Wicked Monk in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
The Loom 7:00 pm at Yard in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Psyopus 9:00 pm at Club W in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
The Narrator 8:00 pm at Red Door in New York, NYdiscuss
Mad haPPy 11:00 pm at Sidewalk Cafe in New York, NYdiscuss
The Swippers 6:30 pm at Riverspace in Nyack, NYdiscuss
Sanctuary 10:00 pm at Haunt in Yonkers, NYdiscuss
Baumer 8:00 pm at Dirty Jack's in Cincinnati, OHdiscuss
Relapse 9:00 pm at Poison Room in Cincinnati, OHdiscuss
The CAB 6:30 pm at Headliners in Toledo, OHdiscuss
DANGER RADIO 6:30 pm at Headliners in Toledo, OHdiscuss
The Maine 8:00 pm at Headliners in Toledo, OHdiscuss
CHUK COOLEY 8:00 pm at Backyard Bar in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
garrøn 10:00 pm at Colony in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Red Eye Gravy 10:00 pm at Colony in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Release 8:00 pm at Downtown in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Untyd 9:00 pm at Maguffy's Pub in Beaverton, ORdiscuss
Floater 8:00 pm at Domino Room in Bend, ORdiscuss
Tea Cozies 8:00 pm at East End in Portland, ORdiscuss
Mochipet 8:00 pm at Watershed in Portland, ORdiscuss
ZO2 8:00 pm at Sherlocks in Erie, PAdiscuss
Mythica 7:00 pm at Coffee Club in Media, PAdiscuss
Melissa Cox 7:00 pm at Coffee Club in Media, PAdiscuss
Status Green 8:00 pm at Joclyn's in Media, PAdiscuss
Jealousy Curve 10:00 pm at Joclyn's in Media, PAdiscuss
TenFifty 8:00 pm at Oasis in Charleston, SCdiscuss
Grieves 8:00 pm at Nutty's in Sioux Falls, SDdiscuss
Tally Hall 8:00 pm at Newby's in Memphis, TNdiscuss
Amy Cook 8:00 pm at Bend Studio in Austin, TXdiscuss
Tungsten Coil 8:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Melody Mann 7:30 pm at Hill's Cafe in Austin, TXdiscuss
GIRL IN A COMA 8:00 pm at Jovita's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Spur 503 10:00 pm at Drunken Mule in Commerce, TXdiscuss
The Felons 8:00 pm at Club Dada in Dallas, TXdiscuss
LoveHateHero 6:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
SKY EATS AIRPLANE 8:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
OUR LAST NIGHT 8:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Alesana 8:00 pm at Door in Dallas, TXdiscuss
The Hawkes 9:00 pm at Mule Pub in Fort Worth, TXdiscuss
Nonpoint 7:00 pm at Scout Bar in Houston, TXdiscuss
Femme Fatality 8:00 pm at Forum in La Porte, TXdiscuss
Icarus Fixed 10:00 pm at Jazz in Lubbock, TXdiscuss
Cody Gill Band 9:00 pm at Barn in Victoria, TXdiscuss
LOOM 7:00 pm at Kage in Provo, UTdiscuss
Atkinsons 9:30 pm at Cafe Diem in Richmond, VAdiscuss
IVORYLINE 6:00 pm at National in Richmond, VAdiscuss
subtle 8:00 pm at Nectar Lounge in Seattle, WAdiscuss
American Steel 6:00 pm at Showbox in Seattle, WAdiscuss
EMMURE 6:00 pm at Studio Seven in Seattle, WAdiscuss
RECON 8:00 pm at Studio Seven in Seattle, WAdiscuss
bridges 9:00 pm at Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Cedarwell 8:00 pm at Nucleus in Eau Claire, WIdiscuss
Caustic Burn 10:00 pm at Last Resort in Tevor, WIdiscuss