July 25th, 2008

Caddle 8:00 pm at Zydeco in Birmingham, ALdiscuss
KINCH 8:00 pm at Clubhouse in Tempe, AZdiscuss
J0HNNY 7:00 pm at Club Retro in Orangevale, CAdiscuss
Ace Enders 7:00 pm at Glass House in Pomona, CAdiscuss
Powerspace 7:00 pm at Glass House in Pomona, CAdiscuss
The Ergs! 8:00 pm at Tower in San Diego, CAdiscuss
PACHAMAMA 8:00 pm at Bamboo Club in Whittier, CAdiscuss
GLOB 7:00 pm at Mendonesia in Willits, CAdiscuss
The Knew 10:00 pm at Belly Up in Aspen, COdiscuss
SlakJaw 8:00 pm at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, COdiscuss
Underminer 8:00 pm at Club Inferno in Denver, COdiscuss
Laylights 8:00 pm at Falcon in Englewood, COdiscuss
Spring Creek 11:00 am at Rockygrass in Lyons, COdiscuss
Sam Bush 8:00 pm at Rockygrass in Lyons, COdiscuss
Badmonkey 5:00 pm at Pourhouse in Hartford, CTdiscuss
9th Wave 9:00 pm at Corner Pocket in Orange, CTdiscuss
Look Mexico 6:00 pm at Porch in Brandon, FLdiscuss
Fireplug 8:00 pm at Hangar 7 in Lake City, FLdiscuss
April Cover 8:00 pm at Capitol in Ocala, FLdiscuss
FIXER 7:30 pm at Haven in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Facing New York 8:00 pm at Social in Orlando, FLdiscuss
Courier 8:00 pm at Thrillz in Palm Coast, FLdiscuss
LIFERUINER 8:00 pm at Beamers in Panama City, FLdiscuss
ENDWELL 6:00 pm at Orpheum in Tampa, FLdiscuss
The GHOST INSIDE 6:00 pm at Orpheum in Tampa, FLdiscuss
Joe Pitts Band 10:00 pm at Derby in Alpharetta, GAdiscuss
Mudcat 10:00 pm at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
WormsLoew 10:00 pm at Red Eye Tavern in Macon, GAdiscuss
akissforjersey 4:00 pm at Venue in Boise, IDdiscuss
MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE 4:00 pm at Venue in Boise, IDdiscuss
Impending Doom 8:00 pm at Venue in Boise, IDdiscuss
URN 8:00 pm at End Zone in Aurora, ILdiscuss
ROLLER 12:15 am at Elbo Room in Chicago, ILdiscuss
MAD HORNET 9:00 pm at Elbo Room in Chicago, ILdiscuss
The Sapiens 8:00 pm at Metro in Chicago, ILdiscuss
sybris 8:00 pm at Subterranean in Chicago, ILdiscuss
ghostmice 8:00 pm at Glass Haus in La Grange, ILdiscuss
War Saw 5:00 pm at Stage 83 in Lemont, ILdiscuss
SixtyFourEast 9:00 pm at Fireside in Olney, ILdiscuss
Novella 7:00 pm at Boney Junes in Evansville, INdiscuss
The Lacks 8:00 pm at Pinheads in Fishers, INdiscuss
AutoVaughn 9:00 pm at Vogue in Indianapolis, INdiscuss
South40 9:30 pm at Sam's Place in Wichita, KSdiscuss
Outlaw Nation 10:00 pm at Brickhouse in Houma, LAdiscuss
Ellis Paul 8:00 pm at Bull Run in Shirley, MAdiscuss
Attaboy 7:00 pm at Spring Hill Camp in Evart, MIdiscuss
Dope 8:00 pm at Machine Shop in Flint, MIdiscuss
BobaFlex 8:00 pm at Machine Shop in Flint, MIdiscuss
Pinky Lee 10:00 pm at Depot in Mackinaw City, MIdiscuss
Uprising 7:00 pm at Static Age Cafe in Romeo, MIdiscuss
Jeff Ray 8:00 pm at Dunn Bros in Excelsior, MNdiscuss
THEMES 9:00 pm at 331 Club in Minneapolis, MNdiscuss
PARIA 8:00 pm at Fallout in Minneapolis, MNdiscuss
L.A. GUNS 8:00 pm at Station 4 in St. Paul, MNdiscuss
Chance Ray Band 9:00 pm at Champ's in Joplin, MOdiscuss
Siva 8:00 pm at Surge in Joplin, MOdiscuss
Jah Roots 9:00 pm at Topsider in Osage Beach, MOdiscuss
NOMO 8:00 pm at Off Broadway in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
NOMO 8:30 pm at Off Broadway in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Jakes Leg 10:00 pm at Ugly Fish in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
WiLX 8:00 pm at State Theatre in Starkville, MSdiscuss
Angwish 8:00 pm at Keg and Cue in Charlotte, NCdiscuss
UUVVWWZ 1:00 pm at Jones Coffee in Lincoln, NEdiscuss
Chad Lee 9:00 pm at Ice House in Omaha, NEdiscuss
The Swellers 8:00 pm at Rock in Papillion, NEdiscuss
SunDog 8:00 pm at In-Laws Pub in Fords, NJdiscuss
FUTURE 86 10:00 pm at Orange Lantern in Paramus, NJdiscuss
Suspended 7:00 pm at Compound in Albuquerque, NMdiscuss
Vampirates 8:00 pm at Jive n' Java in Fallon, NVdiscuss
Pandas 8:00 pm at Beauty Bar in Las Vegas, NVdiscuss
Buster Blue 8:00 pm at Zephyr Lounge in Reno, NVdiscuss
HI DEF 7:00 pm at Nutty Irishman in Bayshore, NYdiscuss
ALOKE 9:00 pm at Lost and Found in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Vanderpark 8:00 pm at Merlin's in Buffalo, NYdiscuss
ZO2 10:00 pm at Arlene's Grocery in New York, NYdiscuss
Tony Lucca 8:00 pm at Bitter End in New York, NYdiscuss
Nicola 11:45 am at Union Square in New York, NYdiscuss
PLANESIDE 9:30 pm at Olive's in Nyack, NYdiscuss
Scythian 8:00 pm at RiverScape in Dayton, OHdiscuss
moe. 9:00 pm at Diversafest in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Extra Life 8:00 pm at Backspace in Portland, ORdiscuss
Nick Jaina 11:00 pm at Rotture in Portland, ORdiscuss
DIALECTS 10:00 pm at Fire in Philadelphia, PAdiscuss
Sick Jump! 8:00 pm at JR's in Philadelphia, PAdiscuss
Those Guys 10:00 pm at Dockside Club in Newport, RIdiscuss
RED THEORY 8:00 pm at KC's Tap in Pawtucket, RIdiscuss
Guttermouth 8:00 pm at Oasis in James Island, SCdiscuss
Elysia 8:00 pm at Nutty's in Sioux Falls, SDdiscuss
Sun Domingo 9:00 pm at Valarium in Knoxville, TNdiscuss
JK 8:00 pm at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TNdiscuss
Bob Schneider 10:00 pm at Antone's in Austin, TXdiscuss
HEALTH 8:00 pm at Emo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
ERIC HISAW 8:00 pm at Jovita's in Austin, TXdiscuss
elsinore 8:00 pm at Mohawk in Austin, TXdiscuss
Amy Cook 8:00 pm at Momo's in Austin, TXdiscuss
Carry The Torch 8:00 pm at Red 7 in Austin, TXdiscuss
Adam Hood 12:00 pm at Saxon Pub in Austin, TXdiscuss
IVORYLINE 7:00 pm at Crossing in Denison, TXdiscuss
Bill Rice 9:00 pm at Ranch in Midland, TXdiscuss
Keaton Simons 6:00 pm at Why Sound in Logan, UTdiscuss
HEY, BASTARD! 8:00 pm at Plan B in Danville, VAdiscuss
Junior League 8:00 pm at Floydfest in Floyd, VAdiscuss
Tea Leaf Green 8:00 pm at Floydfest in Floyd, VAdiscuss
New Monsoon 9:00 pm at Floydfest in Floyd, VAdiscuss
Railroad Earth 9:00 pm at Floydfest in Floyd, VAdiscuss
Amos Lee 9:00 pm at National in Richmond, VAdiscuss
Maneuvers 7:00 pm at 242 Main in Burlington, VTdiscuss
JATOBA 10:00 pm at Hub in Johnson, VTdiscuss
Seeing Blind 9:00 pm at Vortex in Mukilteo, WAdiscuss
Seeing Blind 9:00 pm at Vortex in Mukilteo, WAdiscuss
Blue 4 Trio 8:00 pm at Salty's in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Kissing Potion 9:00 pm at ToST in Seattle, WAdiscuss
The GUTS 8:00 pm at BFG House in Appleton, WIdiscuss
disonic 10:00 pm at Back Bar in Janesville, WIdiscuss
Flowpoetry 10:00 pm at Bremen Cafe in Milwaukee, WIdiscuss
Tater 10:00 pm at Julie J's in Charleston, WVdiscuss