August 29th, 2008

Salem 7:00 pm at Seaview in Hope, AKdiscuss
9spine 10:00 pm at Rainbow Bar in Kenai, AKdiscuss
Chris Posey 10:15 pm at Fat Daddy's in Auburn, ALdiscuss
LIGION 8:00 pm at Zydeco in Birmingham, ALdiscuss
LYNAM 10:00 pm at Pink Pony Pub in Gulf Shores, ALdiscuss
Rumor Mill 10:30 pm at Grand Central in Mobile, ALdiscuss
KINCH 7:00 pm at Spirit Room in Jerome, AZdiscuss
IVORYLINE 7:00 pm at Phix Gallery in Phoenix, AZdiscuss
PowerSolo 8:00 pm at Clubhouse in Tempe, AZdiscuss
DROPPING DAYLIGHT 6:30 pm at Rock in Tucson, AZdiscuss
DANGER RADIO 8:00 pm at Rock in Tucson, AZdiscuss
The Remnants 9:00 pm at Elks Lodge in Lompoc, CAdiscuss
Psyopus 6:00 pm at Jungle in Palo Alto, CAdiscuss
SAGE 9:30 pm at Royale in San Francisco, CAdiscuss
FrogsGoneFishin' 5:00 pm at Zacca Za in Avon, COdiscuss
Megan Burtt 9:00 pm at Red Fish in Boulder, COdiscuss
KIROS 6:00 pm at LIFEspot in Centennial, COdiscuss
TRICLOPS! 8:00 pm at Lion's Lair in Denver, COdiscuss
Laylights 9:00 pm at Shag Lounge in Denver, COdiscuss
motorhome 9:00 pm at Soiled Dove in Denver, COdiscuss
YACHT 8:00 pm at Ruby Lounge in Manchester, CTdiscuss
Copper Sky 5:00 pm at Light House in Lewes, DEdiscuss
Blacksnake 10:00 pm at Atlantic in Gainesville, FLdiscuss
Mumpsy 9:00 pm at Taste in Orlando, FLdiscuss
FIXER 9:00 pm at Haven in Winter Park, FLdiscuss
WormsLoew 10:00 pm at Wild Wing Cafe in Athens, GAdiscuss
Mudcat 10:00 pm at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Pepper 8:00 pm at Tabernacle in Atlanta, GAdiscuss
Sol Driven Train 10:00 pm at 550 Blues in Macon, GAdiscuss
Chameleon 8:00 pm at Hemingway's in Marietta, GAdiscuss
Jumbo Deluxe 10:00 pm at Barnacle's in Norcross, GAdiscuss
LockDown 8:00 pm at Atrium in Stone Mountain, GAdiscuss
quiksesh 10:00 pm at Bali Satay House in Ames, IAdiscuss
Audio Daydream 8:00 pm at Foundry in Aurora, ILdiscuss
Coventry 6:00 pm at Metro in Chicago, ILdiscuss
Flatfoot 56 6:30 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Gold 8:00 pm at House Cafe in DeKalb, ILdiscuss
Dani Lynn 9:00 pm at Bierstube in Moline, ILdiscuss
Waster 6:00 pm at Meeting House in Peoria, ILdiscuss
Nick Boettcher 8:30 pm at Po Boy's in Peoria, ILdiscuss
ENDITY 7:00 pm at LTs in Rockford, ILdiscuss
Inn Cinema 8:00 pm at LTs in Rockford, ILdiscuss
DJ Baddmixx 11:00 pm at Lime Lounge in Waukegan, ILdiscuss
FLOORD 10:00 pm at Tidball's in Bowling Green, KYdiscuss
Chiodos 7:00 pm at Tattersalls in Lexington, KYdiscuss
Mare Wakefield 8:00 pm at Toad in Cambridge, MAdiscuss
LVNMUZIQ 9:00 pm at Corner Bar in Saugatuck, MIdiscuss
LET LIONS 8:00 pm at VFW Post 2025 in Rolla, MOdiscuss
LET LIONS 8:00 pm at VFW Post 2025 in Rolla, MOdiscuss
Jakes Leg 10:00 pm at Venice Cafe in St. Louis, MOdiscuss
Volumen 9:00 pm at Old Post Pub in Missoula, MTdiscuss
Valencia 6:00 pm at Brewery in Raleigh, NCdiscuss
Single File 6:30 pm at Brewery in Raleigh, NCdiscuss
Outformation 10:00 pm at Kefi's in Wilmington, NCdiscuss
SOJA 8:00 pm at Lucky's Pub in Wilmington, NCdiscuss
UUVVWWZ 8:00 pm at Slow Down in Omaha, NEdiscuss
Chingy 9:00 pm at State Theatre in Omaha, NEdiscuss
Tom Dixon 9:00 pm at Flambeaux in Manchester, NHdiscuss
Fletch 8:00 pm at Unity Center in Roswell, NMdiscuss
Throw Rag 10:00 pm at Dive Bar in Las Vegas, NVdiscuss
mc chris 7:00 pm at New Oasis in Reno, NVdiscuss
Bucky Covington 8:00 pm at Nugget in Sparks, NVdiscuss
HI DEF 11:00 pm at Rambling House in Bronx, NYdiscuss
redline 10:30 pm at Painters' in Brookhaven, NYdiscuss
LUCKY 13 10:30 pm at Schnitzel Haus in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Vesties 9:00 pm at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
SuperBuick 8:00 pm at Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NYdiscuss
Rubix Kube 7:00 pm at J.C. Cove in Freeport, NYdiscuss
Say When 8:30 pm at Fat Baby in Manhattan, NYdiscuss
The Dig 11:00 pm at Mercury Lounge in New York, NYdiscuss
bleud 8:00 pm at Rehab in New York, NYdiscuss
Chris Berry 9:30 pm at Tank in New York, NYdiscuss
U-Melt 4:00 pm at moe.down 9 in Turin, NYdiscuss
Nonpoint 6:00 pm at Attic in Dayton, OHdiscuss
FIXER 7:00 pm at Harry's Hideaway in Lima, OHdiscuss
The Showdown 7:00 pm at Headliners in Toledo, OHdiscuss
Crocodile 9:00 pm at Opolis in Norman, OKdiscuss
Hed PE 8:00 pm at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Ludo 7:00 pm at Marquee in Tulsa, OKdiscuss
Floater 8:00 pm at Platinum in Corvallis, ORdiscuss
Equaleyes 8:00 pm at Luckey's in Eugene, ORdiscuss
The A.K.A.s 8:30 pm at WOW Hall in Eugene, ORdiscuss
Jeffrey Gaines 8:30 pm at Puck in Doylestown, PAdiscuss
LIFE IN BED 10:00 pm at Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PAdiscuss
Missing Element 8:00 pm at Fado in Lincoln, RIdiscuss
Those Guys 10:00 pm at Dockside Club in Newport, RIdiscuss
AGENT ORANGE 11:45 pm at Oasis in Charleston, SCdiscuss
Kyle Spark 10:00 pm at Pour House in Charleston, SCdiscuss
FARCRY 10:00 pm at Tootsie's in Manchester, TNdiscuss
Caddle 8:00 pm at Exit/In in Nashville, TNdiscuss
JK 8:00 pm at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TNdiscuss
Grand Champeen 5:00 pm at Beerland in Austin, TXdiscuss
The Effects 10:00 pm at Beso Cantina in Austin, TXdiscuss
Squarewheel 9:00 pm at Cavern in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Plank 11:00 pm at Granada Theatre in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Ella Minnow 8:00 pm at Prophet Bar in Dallas, TXdiscuss
Antidote 8:00 pm at Meridian in Houston, TXdiscuss
No Fences 10:00 pm at Thirsty Turtle in Lubbock, TXdiscuss
ERIC HISAW 8:00 pm at Oaks in Manor, TXdiscuss
Zane Lewis 10:00 pm at Ranch in Midland, TXdiscuss
Fat Dixie 8:00 pm at Buffalo Joe's in Paris, TXdiscuss
Solo-67 7:00 pm at Theatre 7 in Plano, TXdiscuss
VANNA 8:00 pm at White Rabbit in San Antonio, TXdiscuss
Mild Winter 8:00 pm at Triple in Richmond, VAdiscuss
The Bridge 9:00 pm at 202 Market in Roanoke, VAdiscuss
JATOBA 10:00 pm at Hub in Johnson, VTdiscuss
The Vibratones 9:00 pm at CJ's in Rutland, VTdiscuss
Tea Cozies 8:00 pm at marsBar in Seattle, WAdiscuss
Adrian Xavier 9:00 pm at Empyrean in Spokane, WAdiscuss
Murder by Death 8:00 pm at Annex in Madison, WIdiscuss
Maritime 10:00 pm at Cactus Club in Milwaukee, WIdiscuss
Banner Pilot 8:00 pm at Grounds in Laramie, WYdiscuss