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About Playing Here

What is Playing Here?

Playing Here is a local live music calendar. We’re searching the web to find concerts near you and making it easy for you to find out about live music. If you see anything more we could be doing to help you find out about local live music, please let us know.

How do I submit my band’s concerts?

You can do that here.

How can I find out about bands playing in my area?

Search for your city name, or a local venue name. Registered users can subscribe to email alerts for concerts in any state, city, or venue. Unregistered (and registered) users can subscribe to live music feeds. If no concerts are currently listed in your area, please contact us and we’ll improve our search.

Who is behind Playing Here?

Playing Here was created by Scott Reynen and is run by Scott, Jessica Montgomerie, Kevin Reynen, and Jackie Rejfek. We’re an independent group of friends and family interested in local live music and the web, not affiliated with any other company. If you’re interested in more details, please contact us.

Some elements on Playing Here were used under Creative Commons license from Mark James and Geo-Names. Thanks!

Can I advertise on Playng Here?

If you’re selling something relevant to local live music, sure. Otherwise, no thanks. We’re currently running ads through Google and Project Wonderful, and you should see links near those ads to where you can purchase your own. We’re still working on selling ads more locally and directly; contact us to discuss those options.

Something’s wrong!

Oh no! Please let us know the details of any problems you see and we’ll get them fixed as soon as we can.